3 Tips that will help you to stand out from the others on TikTok

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One of the latest trends that totally obsessed the society is the video-sharing social platform TikTok. The platform launched in 2018 and for less than 2 years since it has existed, it managed to raise its popularity to enormous levels. TikTok is now a worldwide popular platform and it is […]

One of the latest trends that totally obsessed the society is the video-sharing social platform TikTok. The platform launched in 2018 and for less than 2 years since it has existed, it managed to raise its popularity to enormous levels. TikTok is now a worldwide popular platform and it is available in 40 languages. The overwhelming group of the users that are using the platform is teenageers but TikTok is pretty popular for all age ranges as well. The main content you can see on the mobile app is videos of people dancing to popular or not so popular songs.

 Moreover, with all the popularity that TikTok gained in the last few years, now the business also has a great networking space for promotions and advertising. Until now business was focused on advertising and reaching new customers mainly on Face Book and Instagram but since the users of the two platforms struggle to beat their algorithms , they started searching new places for attention and higher engagement and many people redirected and started posting content  on TikTok rather than Face Book and Instagram.

Of course Instagram continues to be the fastest-growing social platform in the world but statistics show that TikTok is probably going to pass over Instagam’s popularity. In this article, our team collected and prepared a few hacks that can help you to grow your audience on TikTok gradually and organically, however you should know that this takes time and effort. If you don’t have enough time to dedicate to growing your TikTok account, therefore you can simply buy followers on TikTok and increase your audience quickly. Now, when you know both ways for growing your TikTok account, let’s have a look at the tips we prepared in this article, that will show you how to grow your audience organically.

  • Find your audience by providing authentic content. As we mentioned above, the main content you can see on this social platform is videos of different people dancing to a variety of music styles. In the beginning you may think that in order to become popular on TikTok you need to create and post hilarious dancing videos so you can be part of this community ,but the truth is that the platform supports content for every niche you can think of – education , travelling, inspiration, food, life hacks and many more. The truth is that in order to achieve success as a TikToker you need to be unique and genuine; you should create and provide content that will attract the other users in a way they haven’t seen so far. TikTok is all about having fun, so don’t take yourself too seriously and your TikTok journey will be really satisfying. On TikTok you have the opportunity to show your personality through the playful videos you create and post and this way the audience has the chance to get to know you better in a way different from seeing a photo of you on Instagram for example.


  • Find the relevant hashtags for your niche and utilize them. Hashtags are well known ever since Twitter was developed in 2006 and they are being used for both categorizing and searching content. These keywords become even more popular with the invention of Instagram and when it comes to TikTok, hashtags are the best method of getting your video to stand out from the others. We recommend you to find or create hashtags that will represent your type of content the best way possible and the TikTok algorithm will do the rest. By using the correct hashtags the algorithm of the social platform will know who to show your videos to. For example, if you post videos related to food, a hashtag like #deliciousfood, you will get your video shown to an audience that is interested in this type of content, which on the other hand will guarantee you receiving more likes on your videos.

You can also boost your videos and get them shown in front of a bigger audience by buying TikTok likes, because this may help you to beat your competitors and market yourself better. The difference between using hashtags on Instagram and using these keywords on TikTok is that , when we speak about Instagram , these keywords will categorized your content and you may have your publications popped-up on the Explore tab on Instagram ,where you can get discovered by many other users interested in different niches and on when using relevant hashtags TikTok your videos will be shown to a specific audience strongly related to your niche which in long terms will convert your video views to a massive organic growth.


  • Always be aware of what is currently trending on TikTok. The mobile application became so popular just because of all the trends that the users represent there. You should not get surprised if you open the app and see 10 different videos in 5 minutes that are all quite similar representing one and the same trending dance on a trending song. When something is trending the best option is to represent this trend in your own way, trying to follow the main idea but shown in your unique way, because let’s face it, it could be quite annoying seeing different people doing the same things in the same way. So in order to achieve the golden mean you should follow the trends but at the same time you have to follow them your own and genuine way, without being annoying. You can do your own research in order to be in touch with the latest trends so you can be one of the first wave creators, which can bring you popularity really fast.

We hope that the information we have collected and provided you in this article will help you to grow your TikTok account gradually and organically. The social platform supports so many functions that allow you to create and edit your videos and in the next article we are going to take a closer look at the features and tools the app supports that can make your videos even more funny and attractive. Meanwhile if you have any questions or recommendations, feel free to comment in the section below and we will discuss them in further blogs.

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